How To Apply For Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship

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I’m so excited to announce that the 2024 Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship application is officially open! 

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About the Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship Opportunity.

The 2024 Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship is an innovative program designed to empower young leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to become effective fundraisers for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the UN, and other social impact initiatives. During the program, you will learn capacity development and gain real-world experience in fundraising.

This Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship will be for three months. Depending on your availability and other factors, they can be extended to a maximum period of 12 months. Kindly note that the fellowship can be done part-time (approximately 10 hours per week) while working or studying. So you don’t need to tell your lecturer if you are a student that you are quitting school because of this fellow, Lol.

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Programme Component.

There will be the capacity development session, and that session will be led by experts from international non-profits and the UN, including:

  • Developing fundraising strategies
  • Understanding the fundraising landscape
  • Building relationships with donors
  • Managing fundraising campaigns
  • Evaluating fundraising results

Another component will be the real-world experience. Once you are selected, you are going to develop and implement your own campaign for Bridging Gaps. This could be:

  • An online GoFundMe campaign
  • An innovative partnership (e. g., product partnership or matching campaign)
  • A donation run, a bake sale, or other events
  • Any other ideas


  1. Real-world knowledge from Non-Profit and UN experts 
  2. A certificate of participation to enhance your CV, LinkedIn, and future job applications. 
  3. You may be eligible for ECTS upon prior agreement with your university. 10% of the funds you raise during the real-world experience will be provided to you as a stipend. 

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As some Nigerians would say, “Better soup na money kill am” in their native pidgin English. You have to meet the criteria before you apply. 

  1. No matter whether you are a university student, a recent graduate, a young professional, or already have experience in non-profit management, if you bring passion, at least 3 months, and ideas, this fellowship is for you!
  2. Opened to everyone around the world
  3. Must be available during the three-month fellowship.

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Before I talk about the deadline, kindly note that the fellowship will begin on the 9th of September 2024. Now, the deadline to apply for the Bridging Gaps Fundraising Fellowship is May 1st, 2024. However, the deadline has been extended. So I urge you to apply ASAP.

How To Apply.

Learn more about this opportunity and apply by CLICKING HERE.

I wish you all the very best in your application. 

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