How To Apply For .ORG Impact Award ($50k USD)

I’m excited to announce that the application for the 2024 .org impact award opportunity is finally opened. If you don’t know about this award, my dear, you are missing out. Relax, let me spin you a yarn.

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About the .org impact award.

The .ORG Impact Awards is a global awards program that recognizes and celebrates individuals and organizations connected to a registered organization.ORG domain for their contributions, achievements and impact in their communities. Over the past five years, the .ORG Impact Awards have recognized 190 outstanding .ORGs from over 70 countries. Through the Awards, the Public Interest Registry has awarded $505,000 USD for transformative work taking place around the world.

Let me gist you, but before the gist, I hope you are aware that the .ORG domain here means that your website must have a .ORG. Lol, this doesn’t make much sense, right? Now let me give you an example, if you have a website like ( you are not eligible to apply except you have a website domain that looks like this: You see, the Impact Awards is for .ORG domains is not a .COM or .NET domain whatsoever. Here comes the gist: rush to and buy a .ORG domain name for your business/project/initiative/or organization. Next, connect it to your existing website or email Splendour to create a website for you that has a .ORG domain for just $150. (Please keep this price a secret. This is between us as this offer is for the first 10 people who would reach out to Splendour for website creation). Just email Splendour and type “I need a website. I saw this on DGO I need the website done in about two day” or learn how to create a website yourself by Clicking HERE. Next, once your website is live, come back and apply for this .org impact award opportunity.

Nominations & Category for the .ORG Impact Award

The .ORG Impact Awards seek to celebrate significant achievements by members of the .ORG community. 

  1. Health and Healing: This category will recognize an organization or individual who is dedicated to providing health and wellness resources to the community, including education and awareness, vaccine development, equitable distribution of medical supplies, and mental health resources. Now, I want you to re-read the above again. Do you know why? I want you to share this article with that aunty nurse or doctor you know. This is part of what you can do to say thank you to them. Let them apply for this category.
  2. Quality Education for All: Recognizes an organization or individual for contributions to providing education for all, without regard to race, gender, or financial status. All those teachers and school authorities, it is time for them to be recognized. Your job is to inform them.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Recognizes an organization or individual for efforts toward furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in society through creation of policies, programs, and initiatives that address systemic challenges and historic injustices.
  4. Environmental Stewardship: Recognizes an organization or individual that works to combat the increased threats to our environment and promotes responsible consumption and environmental sustainability in communities around the world.
  5. Hunger and Poverty: Recognizes an organization or individual who has made significant contributions and innovations in the fight to end hunger, alleviate poverty, and reduce resource inequalities on a local, national, or global scale.
  6. Community Building: Recognizes an organization or individual whose efforts have contributed to changing or enhancing the lives of those in the community the nominee serves, whether on a local, national, or global level.
  7. Rising Star: Recognizes an individual under the age of 25 by December 31, 2024, who has created a positive impact in their community through leadership on a project, platform, task, or campaign.

WAIT! I just remembered that Daily Global Opportunities has a .ORG domain Lol. Now, on a serious note, I want you to nominate us for this opportunity. Comment below if you have or will nominate us. Thank you.


  1. 35 finalists will be invited to celebrate in Washington, D.C. – with additional opportunities to meet with D.C policy experts and other nonprofit leaders worldwide – culminating in the final award ceremony with a surprise celebrity host on October 8, 2024. 
  2. Each category winner will receive $10,000 USD in donation award funds, while the ultimate .ORG of the Year will be honored with a grand prize of $50,000 USD. Finalists across all categories will receive a $2,500 USD donation. 
  3. Be featured extensively online during the .ORG Impact Awards event in October 2024 Use a dedicated .ORG Impact Awards logo mark in promotional materials 
  4. Be featured in various .ORG digital platforms throughout the year, including articles, videos, social posts, and more.
  5. In 2024, the .ORG Impact Awards will be presented at an in-person live event hosted in Washington, DC. 

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  1. The .ORG Impact Awards is a global program subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited. For this reason, eligibility varies, and participation is not available in some countries. 
  2. The .ORG Impact Awards is open only to individuals at least 18 years old and have permission to nominate the individual or entity that uses or has a connection to the .ORG domain. 
  3. Employees of the Public Interest Registry and any of its parent and affiliate companies, as well as the immediate family and household members of each such employee, are not eligible to nominate individuals or entities or be considered as nominees for any award. 

Oh heavens, answer our prayers to be part of the 35 finalists”.


The deadline to apply for the .ORG Impact Award falls June 19th 2024 by 11:59 ET time zone. Make sure you nominate us before then 🙂

How To Apply

Learn more about the .ORG Impact Award by CLICKING HERE. 

Also, click HERE to enter the challenge.

I’m wishing you all the very best in your application. 

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