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How To Apply For the EU Youth Sounding Board Nigeria. 

The 2024 EU Youth Sounding Board application is officially opened! Are you 18 to 30 years old? Are you passionate about youth empowerment and participation? Do you have ideas on how the European Union (EU) can consider issues faced by young people in Nigeria and integrate them into programming? If yes, apply to be part of the Youth Sounding Board for the EU Delegation in Nigeria.

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The Youth Sounding Board for the EU Delegation in Nigeria serves as a platform for young Nigerians to engage directly with EU officials and contribute to decision-making processes. Members of the board will have the opportunity to provide feedback, suggest solutions, and shape policies that affect youth in Nigeria.


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  • You must be a resident of Nigeria.
  • You should have a good level of English
  • Most importantly, you should be between 18-30 years old at the end of applicant period (30 June 2024)
  • Also, you must have graduated from Senior Secondary School.
  • Finally, you must have read the privacy rules and you agree on the rules. Click Here to read.

Benefits of Applying for the EU Youth Sounding Board.

Joining the Youth Sounding Board will give you an opportunity to make a tangible impact on the policies and programs that affect young people in Nigeria. By participating, you can:

  • Advocate for issues that matter to you and your peers.
  • Influence decision-makers at the EU Delegation in Nigeria.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network.
  • Gain valuable experience in policy development and advocacy.
  • Also, Travel and other related expenses will be covered.


The deadline falls on June 7, 2024.

How To Apply.

Learn more about the EU Youth Sounding Board by APPLYING HERE

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